The Brief

Zommos came to us needing a complete re-development of their existing ecommerce website. What they had in place just wasn’t producing sales. With an active PPC campaign running and a large daily ad spend, the website wasn’t converting the click-throughs that were costing them dearly.

We needed to find where the problems were with the site, why the final step in lead conversion just wasn’t happening and propose a solution that would maximise their sales potential moving forward. Oh, and we needed to do it fast. The existing site was under-performing so much that they were desperate for a solution to be implemented pronto.



Firstly we went back to basics, we spent time browsing the site as a customer would. Overall the design was good. It conveyed a clear brand identity, it was easily navigable and the layout and on-page elements were such that a decent customer journey was clear and concise. What was instantly apparent though was that the site was not optimised in any other way than that.

The code was wholly unoptimised. The site was really slow to load – and with loading speed being a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, they were loosing key SEO points while causing an increase in bounce rates. This was affecting their conversions and ultimately their bottom line.

There was also zero structured data across the entire site (code that help’s search engines identify what’s on the page and why it’s important). This helps with indexing and getting a better display in the Search Engine Results Pages – so how a website will be shown to end users when it’s searched for on Google. For an ecommerce site vying for attention in the search engines, this was a sure-fire way of getting completely overlooked to competitors.

A large number of elements on each page were misaligned and images were distorted against their natural aspect ratio which completely detracted from a professional feel and inspired zero trust. All in all the site just didn’t stack up, there were too many things obstructing it from achieving it’s full potential, and it was now clear why the site wasn’t producing them any sales.


The Solution

We began development of a brand new ecommerce website, coded from scratch, built upon an intuitive Content Management System. As the overall branding and design was good, we kept to the guidelines of the existing brand identity when creating the face of the new site.

Where we really made the difference was with the code on the front and back end of the site. We built a bespoke framework at the heart of the site, feature-rich and efficiently lean. Each page template was meticulously crafted with both performance and search engine optimisation in mind from the get-go. All possible on-page elements, including those specifically for product meta, were marked up with structured data and the site now looked crisp, professional and trustworthy.


The Results

Zommos have seen an increase in sales within the first month of the new website going live. The site is now blazingly fast and with all our on-page SEO optimisations it can easily hold it’s own amidst it’s competitors in the search engines.

5 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

Working with Beartown media is a great experience. After needing a website rebuild, Wayne was fully attentive to our needs and understood exactly what we wanted. We’re really happy with the end result and will continue to use Beartown Media for in the future. I have not yet come up with a need that Beartown Media haven’t been able to fulfil.

Curtis Hague | Marketing Assistant | Zommos

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