These days online is certainly where it’s at. Even the most traditional, bricks and mortar based brands have a presence on the world wide web – meaning competition from all angles, not just digital innovators predominantly based online. Whether your client’s just starting out or looking to hit refresh, having a web design & development partner you can rely on is key. An established white label web design agency in Cheshire, we’re proud of our growing reputation for the creation of sleek, stylish, functional and damn right unforgettable websites.

Our crack team of web designers and web developers take pride in everything they do. Taking an holistic approach to each project, we make sure a website not only performs in the search engines but delivers pixel perfect representation that, most importantly, connects with and engages a target audience.

We have years of experience handcrafting bespoke and engaging websites, knowing what works – but also keeping a keen eye the latest industry developments and emerging technologies. As a result, we make the website development process a breeze on behalf of every agency client we work with. As with all our white label digital services, we know there isn’t a “one size” that “fits all”. We tailor our services accordingly and cater to your individual requirements, from initial research and planning right through to execution and delivery.

Designing and developing a website

Web Design & Development Services

From our headquarters in Congleton, Cheshire, we have the skills and passion to create websites that exceed expectations and deliver for businesses not just now but in the future. Our fully responsive websites are built on platforms that you can manage giving you full control over its content for the long haul.

Our web design & development team don’t just make websites look pretty, functionality is high on the agenda at every stage. The websites we create here at Beartown Media are performance driven, whether your client wants a simple and straightforward brochure website, a full blown ecommerce platform with all the bells and whistles or a micro site that covers the basics.

Brochure Websites

Sometimes a brochure website is all that’s needed to raise your online presence, generate leads and connect with new and existing customers. Here at Beartown Media, we don’t do brochure sites by halves, we provide a complete service from full consultation and bespoke design to custom web build, optimisation and analytics. Brochure doesn’t have to mean boring; our Cheshire web design agency creates beautiful, responsive, functional and engaging websites that your users will really love visiting.

Ecommerce Websites

For product based businesses, a fully functional website with a well-planned and succinct customer journey can make all the difference to those sales figures. Our ecommerce websites use simple, intuitive interfaces whilst satisfying the most complex needs functionality wise. As with all our tailor-made websites, with our ecommerce platforms you manage your own content (although our team can happily help with content management if and when required). Our data driven content management systems (CMS) give you complete control over your product range and online presence.

Bespoke Functionality

Whatever your need, our Cheshire based web developers can make it happen. We specialise in producing websites that require bespoke functionality. From custom web apps to end-to-end API integrations, we make your complex online tasks simpler, faster, more robust and uniquely user friendly. Whether it’s user profiles, rewards systems, stock management systems, jobs boards, reservation systems or integrations with price comparison sites, it’s our bread and butter.

Responsive, Mobile First Design

Responsive is the buzzword of the decade and for good reason. With consumers, now browsing via more devices than ever, websites that fail to deliver in this multi-platform world will fall by the wayside, leaving their competitors to profit. We create fast and fluid websites, whether you require a simple brochure website or a platform with complex functionality, that provides a first class user experience and speed to match.

Performance Optimisation

As well as boasting exceptional functionality across all devices, we make sure our streamlined websites achieve 100% PageSpeed Insights, so page load time doesn’t slow your business down. We use the most up to date web development techniques, including HTTP/2 meaning your website loads as fast as technically possible.

Search Engine Optimisation

Those all powerful search engines have quite the say in how your business appears to its target audience so don’t fall at the first hurdle. Unlike many Cheshire website development agencies who favour satisfying search engines, leaving customers in second place, here you don’t have to choose. We optimise for your audience and the search engines to deliver value and improve your chances of ranking highly. Our use of structured data mark-up also makes for better presence in SERPs.

Audience Analysis

Having a great website is only the beginning. Our web developers don’t just get up and go after the build of a website is complete. At Beartown Media, we understand the importance of audience analytics and insights. This data should be the driving force behind your website and how the wider business model develops, and can provide a quick and easy route to increasing conversions. We utilise various tools, like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Tracking, to assess and grow user base.

Website development in action

Why Choose Beartown Media?

We’re pretty great, even if we do say so ourselves, but we’re only great thanks to collaborations with clients like you. Our white label service is personal for a reason, and whilst understanding no two projects are the same, our web designers & developers work hard to deliver something unique and completely on-brand for your clients on behalf of your agency.

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5 out of 5 stars ★★★★★

Working with Beartown media is a great experience. After needing a website rebuild, Wayne was fully attentive to our needs and understood exactly what we wanted. We’re really happy with the end result and will continue to use Beartown Media for in the future. I have not yet come up with a need that Beartown Media haven’t been able to fulfil.

Curtis Hague | Marketing Assistant | Zommos

We only use best practice techniques

Which isn’t as unadventurous as it sounds. Our Cheshire based web developers strive to deliver results that have a huge part to play in the success and longevity of your clients’ companies. By using proven techniques, at both the front and back end of a website, your client’s online offering can be all you hoped for and more, providing a proud platform to showcase the brand and a key route to providing an even better service to their own customers.

We’re with you for the long haul

Each project starts with an in-depth consultation. From here we offer clear project scoping prior to commencement plus full management throughout the length of your project. The joy with our white label service is that you can be as involved as you like, with our Cheshire web developers on speed dial for updates and progress reports at every milestone. Once your website is live, our partnership doesn’t have to come to end, we’re here to provide the support you need throughout the lifetime of your client’s business.

We’re the complete package

It’s not just great design and functional, results-driven sites we provide. Our team uses years of combined expertise to ensure a website performs, and keeps performing as your client’s business, its market and its audience evolves. Our integrated approach covers everything your client needs to thrive on the business scene and beyond, including hosting, branding, design, print, SEO, PPC, email marketing, copywriting, PR, social media, digital auditing and training.

Last but not least, we really do care. Our web developers do what they do because they love it, and it shows in each website we so proudly put our name to.

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