Social media doesn’t have to be that annoying online thing where you try to avoid the people you’d rather forget. For businesses big and small, social media marketing (SMM) is an excellent, effective, efficient and, most importantly, affordable tool that gets your client’s brand name out there to the people who matter – their customers. Some 96% of UK marketers use social media to improve their client’s fortunes, and our white label SMM agency in Cheshire does the same. But still so many people get social media marketing wrong leaving their well-timed tweets and witty Facebook posts falling on deaf ears.

With the right white label help and a bit of creative thinking, SMM can be used to increase brand awareness, boost inbound traffic, enhance search engine rankings, produce higher conversion rates, up brand loyalty, and ensure better customer service and satisfaction, so the question is – why isn’t your client using social media! Our white label SMM agency has the skills, experience and enthusiasm your agency needs to set the social world alight. Social is after all a networking and communication platform, so let our experts network and communicate on your agency’s behalf for even better business all round.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our white label social media services aren’t packages, they’re bespoke, goal-orientated services that are built for your client’s company and theirs alone. As businesses, we all want to reach as many potential customers as physically possible, and boost our bottom line as a result. Our white label social media marketing agency can do just that leaving your client’s business to embrace many of the benefits mentioned previously.

Social media marketing

Our social consultancy team is here to understand your business and what you offer, and whatever level of social media marketing assistance you require we get to know your brand inside out before we tweet, post, pin or poke from your social accounts. Our social media marketing always starts with a strategy, a plan that has been specifically designed for your company. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, boost the sales of your products or services, up follower numbers and likes, or all of the above, we can assist at every stage. In addition to developing the strategies that help you reach your end goal, even when building your social presence from scratch, we also guarantee professional brand management across all channels to cement success in your sector further.

Social profile setup

Your social profile shouldn’t just be setup quickly so you can crack on with posting. By spending some much needed time perfecting your accounts you can better position your business socially for a more compelling presence. Our social media marketing agency has experience setting up profiles for all social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and SnapChat. Our perfectly optimised, customer centric and brand focussed profiles really do make an impact, whatever your social wants and needs.

Social media management

There’s so much more to social media marketing then just posting. Our bespoke social media management services are designed to suit the specific needs of each and every client we work with. With our social media management help you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. Either way, you can rest assured that we will make the most of social media marketing on your behalf with a bespoke management strategy.

Social content writing

There has to be something about social content that grabs the attention of a social media user, after all you often only have 160 characters to impress! Our in-house copywriters have experience crafting engaging social content that really works, gaining the following you need to better promote your business online and convert users into loyal customers.

As well as ensuring expertly crafted posts based on the news and evergreen content that is specific to your business, our social media marketing agency also advises on website blog integration and social optimisation. Social tone of voice and style is an important factor in our social content writing mix, and we can hone yours from scratch to ensure your business is portrayed exactly how you want it to be.

Social contests, competitions & giveaways

Who doesn’t love a bargain! Social contests, competitions and giveaways have been the trick up many companies’ sleeves, especially when increasing follows and likes from individuals who actually have an interest in a specific industry. We create, manage and promote social media contests, competitions and giveaways for your business, so you can successfully spread the word about your company, a particular product or service, or latest offer.

Social media monitoring

You can learn so much from your social networks, and our social media marketing agency uses the latest and greatest technology and techniques to provide powerful insights into your interactions. Our audience analytics and competitor analysis ensures we can be ahead of the conversation, and not just plan one phase of your social media plan but plot the next steps and the ones after that.

Social PPC

Pay per click provides countless opportunities for improving reach, ranking and return on investment online, and the same sentiment applies to social PPC. Social advertising provides advantageous placement of the content and campaigns that are integral to your brand. We have experience using promoted tweets, Facebook Business, LinkedIn Ads, StumbleUpon Ads, and sponsored YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest content to enhance presence and boost click through rates. Our PPC Advertising page has lots more information about our pay per click services, check it out.

Why Choose Beartown Media?

Maintaining an active social media account is damn hard work, we know that. At Beartown Media, we want to make life a little easier for your agency and its clients so you can focus on your wider business. Our white label social media marketing agency doesn’t mind a bit of time consuming and resource intensive work, and our dedication certainly shows with the social media success stories we’ve been a part of to date.

The joy of our white label social media services is that you can be as proactive as you like, and whether you want to take a back seat and hand over the reins completely or work with us directly to make marketing more of a joint effort, social help and guidance is always a phone call away.

Our Cheshire based, white label social team is here to assist with a specialist, evolving service that helps your client to reach its marketing objectives.

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