In recent years, pay per click (PPC) advertising has become the weapon of choice for many businesses serving a multitude of industry sectors, and for good reason – it really works. Our Cheshire based, white label PPC specialists have had the joy of working with many of these businesses to date through the agencies we assist, and we’re proud to promote the advantages that PPC advertising has for companies big and small. There are a number of compelling benefits associated with launching a PPC marketing campaign, whether you’re just dabbing with Google AdWords or going the whole hog with a pay per click ad across a plethora of platforms.

PPC activity has been proven to offer quicker entry and higher level brand exposure compared with businesses that don’t use pay per click. Campaigns are also measurable and trackable, which makes keeping business objectives on the road to success even more possible. Whilst our white label PPC agency firmly champions content marketing, performance driven web development and thought leadership as the go-to strategy in this modern age, you can’t deny the power of pay per click, so why not embrace it!

We’re not here to promise you the world, instead our transparent service ensures you are in the best possible place to position your client’s business on the web and win more conversions.

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Pay Per Click Services

With pay per click advertising, you’re in control, and our white label PPC agency works with your client’s aims, budget and some carefully selected, targeted keywords and placements to provide excellent return on investment. We want positive results for the brands your agency represents and monitor each campaign closely to ensure top positions and relevant placements on partner websites garner the results your client’s business deserves.

Google AdWords

Google is of course the daddy of search, so it goes without saying that we provide Google AdWords help for those looking to start afresh with a new campaign or develop their existing AdWords activity. In the UK, Google accounts for 83.49% of search, which means plenty of opportunities for companies like you. Our PPC agency has experience planning, developing, retargeting and managing Google AdWords campaigns, and works with you closely to achieve your objectives

Bing Advertising

People still use Bing too! Despite holding just 11.06% of the search market share, the opportunities available via Bing Advertising are well worth exploring. Whilst Bing is a lesser used search engine, advertisers can still find success here with the less competitive environment, improved device targeting and higher conversion rates just some of the plus points of advertising on Bing.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Business is another excellent platform for PPC advertising. Whilst, as with any platform, PPC success varies from industry to industry with some sectors finding greater conversion than others, the average Facebook CTRs are some of the highest in the PPC industry. Our PPC agency loves a bit of Facebook and enjoys advertising there too, as a result we have a strong background in developing pay per click ads across numerous industry sectors.

Yahoo! Gemini, LinkedIn Ads & StumbleUpon Ads

The PPC options don’t end there; we have experience using Yahoo! Gemini, LinkedIn Ads and StumbleUpon Ads to increase traffic and sales for our clients. Each platform has their pros and cons, but needless to say our PPC agency will talk you through the best routes for your business and develop a targeted campaign accordingly.

Shopping Ads management

The ecommerce world is constantly evolving, and Google and Bing Shopping Ads provide great visibility and conversions, and even appear above organic listings for most terms in search. Getting to grips with showcasing your product range successfully online and off-site isn’t easy though. We can help you use Google Shopping and Bing Shopping to your advantage for even better results for your online store.


We understand that not all companies who happen upon this page are PPC virgins. That’s why our retargeting services provide excellent scope for those looking to hit the refresh button on their existing campaigns. Whether you’ve been managing your PPC activity yourself or have a third party to help you, our remarketing options ensure the campaigns you put out there really do stick.

PPC audits

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing no return from your PPC efforts, especially if you read the countless success stories from other brands using pay per click to their advantage across the web. Our PPC agency can go through your pay per click history with a fine tooth comb to discover what’s gone wrong and provide detailed advice on how missed opportunities can be a thing of the past.

Campaign development & management

With Beartown Media, your PPC campaign is in good, no great, hands. We take you through the entire process, develop a strategy that works, and manage activity and results on your behalf. From keyword discovery and selection, ad text creation, and landing page development and optimisation to ad submission, conversion and call tracking, PPC monitoring, cost management, and campaign modification, we can do it all!

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Why Choose Beartown Media?

Our white label PPC agency works with you from the start and takes pride in flexing lots of market research, audience analysis and analytics to lay the foundations for successful campaigns.

We’re not going to lie to you, pay per click doesn’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach, that’s why we develop engaging, audience focused and brand centric campaigns specifically for your client and their needs. Once a PPC campaign goes live, we don’t just set it and forget it; we keep a close eye on activity throughout the life of a campaign to ensure positive results are scaled up and campaigns that provide less impressive outcomes are revised for better performance.

Our PPC advertising and management services provide a complete package for your client’s varying needs, and can be adapted to suit requirements as a business grows, audience preferences change and markets evolve. PPC and Google advertising increases traffic, leads and sales, and with more than 2 billion people online and 93% of online activities starting with a search engine, embracing the opportunities that pay per click offers is well worth it.

Your clients don’t need huge budgets to drive great results through PPC. Our white label PPC agency works with small businesses, local companies and start-ups with more modest budgets to pull in quality traffic that’s likely to convert.

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