What’s the point in having a super sleek, highly functional website if your server just can’t hack the pace? Business website hosting is an important factor that is often overlooked during the design and development process, but without the support of a great hosting company a website could let your client and their valued customers down.

There are tons of articles littering the net detailing how to choose the right web support for your client’s needs and budget, but you don’t have to search any further, we’ve got all you need right here. Our long list of white label services means your agency can provide the help your clients need to support their businesses online. We can be the home of your clients’ websites, an unswerving, sturdy, speedy, technically minded base for their treasured platforms. A website is an investment so why trust ‘just anyone’ to look after it?

Hosting and server maintenance

Web Hosting Benefits

All our white label business website hosting services are bespoke, that’s what makes us different from other hosting companies in Cheshire and beyond. Whilst we do have packages in place to provide an ‘at a glance’ view of our tiers, our support specialists are here to provide your agency with a complete service that works for your client’s businesses and budgets.

Whether you’re building a client website from scratch or they’re looking to switch from their current hosting provider, finding the very best web hosting for their website is the Holy Grail. Your web host should be able to deliver the tech support, uptime and page speed you need, as well as provide a flexible, secure and compatible service that fits. Our Cheshire white label experts can deliver in these areas and so much more, in fact here’s exactly what to expect when hosting your client websites with us.

Your own VPS and IP

Sharing may be caring, but there are some things that you really shouldn’t share, one of which is your server. Unlike many web support providers, we don’t pool our server users. With Beartown Media, your client has their own Virtual Private Server (VPS), a fact that makes our hosting services far faster than the average. That isn’t where individuality ends, we also provide a unique IP for each website we host, which is great news if you’ve been the unfortunate victim of being blacklisted due to user activities on a shared server. Your client’s unique IP is not shared amongst a pool of server users providing the ultimate protection for their business and their website.

A super-fast server as standard

Using new web standards like HTTP/2, and cutting edge hardware such as Solid State Disks (SSDs), our white label business website hosting is far faster and more secure than standard offerings. We do all the techy bits on your agency’s behalf, meaning superfast, unrivalled configuration and server level caching. Our browser cache management expertise is another important aspect of enhanced performance and improved security.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Maximum website uptime is crucial to the way every online company does business. Website downtime can after all result in a number of negative effects, such as lower rankings, poor user experience, diminishing profit and loss of credibility. Whilst our competitors boast 99% uptime, you have to remember that this means your client’s site could be down for one day out of every one hundred, a timescale that represents huge losses financially. Here at Beartown Media, we go one better, guaranteeing a minimum of 99.9% uptime and excellent technical support, so if problems do strike, they’re remedied quickly.

Unlimited email addresses

Our white label business website hosting services are designed to suit companies of all sizes and niches, an ethos that many hosting providers don’t embrace. We say ‘no’ to email address caps to give your client unlimited email storage for as many users as they like. Large teams are catered for with our unlimited email addresses meaning you can deliver an even better service to your own clients.

Protection against viruses & cyber attacks

Protecting yourself online isn’t as easy as it used to be, but with our Cheshire hosting service, optimum server protection and the very best online security come as standard. In addition to providing a free SSL certificate and encryption to safeguard your client’s online store, our hosting specialists deliver rate limiting / brute force attack protection and DDOS attack protection. We also supply active file monitoring and checksum scanning, comparing files against published versions, to check for differences and protect websites from hackers.

Hosting that you can rely on

On a personal level, as users of various devices, we’re all guilty of not backing up as often as we should do, but business data shouldn’t be left to chance. Data loss disasters come in all forms, yet thanks to our daily backups, you and your client can rest safe in the knowledge that the information their company and its customers hold dear is in the most reliable hands. Our daily backups are completed on and off server for maximum redundancy.

Server solutions specific to your location

We pride ourselves on our local service, and our business web hosting is no different. We work with agencies across the UK representing businesses that operate nationally and internationally, and rely on multiple datacentre locations to ensure the best possible service. We allocate your server based on a number of factors, including your client’s location. As a result, we deliver UK based servers for UK based companies, a fact that means even better search engine optimisation for their websites. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) also works in the same manner to store website files closer to the end user for faster loading.

Hosting support

Why Choose Beartown Media?

Our white label business website hosting service is second to none, and that’s not just us blowing our own trumpet, just ask our clients. Providing fast, reliable, secure and robust web hosting for your clients’ websites is what we do, whilst the flexibility of our hosting services also means you can reap the rewards with an offering that grows as your business does.

As our hosting packages are bespoke and custom built for each client, we have been able to perfect our white label business web hosting services for top speed, unmatched security and 24/7 support, leaving you and your client to reap the many benefits mentioned above. As with all our white label digital services, we use best practice techniques, methods that have been tried, tested and tested again by our team to ensure great service and even better results.

Whether your client is a start-up business whose new to the web hosting game or a long running firm looking to upgrade their server for better performance and security, our white label hosting experts provide a long list of services for your perusal. Our web hosting is built for the long term and alters with business models to strengthen online offerings and cement success.

Our services don’t end at hosting either. Our full service white label agency provides all you and your client needs to not only capitalise on online investment but reach and connect with a greater range of customers than ever before. From web development, branding, design and print to SEO, PPC, social media, marketing and more, we’ve got you covered wherever the journey takes you.

We care about your success online, and the hosting benefits you and your client can gain from entrusting our team with their website are well worth exploring, trust us!

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