“Does email marketing still work?” has to be one of the most searched phrases on the business marketing scene. However, as new trends enter and evolve, you shouldn’t push email marketing methods aside. Email marketing is still a very worthwhile and effective business marketing option for companies of all shapes and sizes. According to recent research, email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences. Email marketing efforts also don’t go unnoticed by consumers with 8 out of 10 retailers deeming email marketing as their biggest driver of customer retention.

Email marketing makes perfect sense and produces excellent outcomes for a vast number of companies, whether your client is targeting consumers with their products or services, or marketing their wares to fellow business professionals. Business marketing emails don’t have to be another addition to the spam folder, with the right research, planning, writing, delivery and analysis your clients can become valuable sources of information for new and existing customers alike.

Email Marketing Services

There’s certainly a science to successful email marketing, after all this traditional business marketing must shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Our team of email marketing boffins work to develop campaigns that not just target your client’s core demographic but help fulfil key corporate aims. Marketing emails can be incredibly effective with the right design, content and delivery, so let us handle the entire process for your client thanks to our long list of email marketing services.

Contact list curation

So you want to start an email marketing campaign but have no subscribers, could this be the end of the road? No way! Thanks to our expertise in lead generation, we can help you take the steps you need to build a database of contacts that will lend a positive ear to your carefully curated campaigns. We use effective, efficient and ethical methods to build a database on your behalf whilst keeping your email marketing activities fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bespoke email template design

We hate to be superficial but it’s often how your business marketing materials look that decides your email’s fate. Our Cheshire design team has tons of experience designing and developing email templates that garner the very best results. As well as delivering an aesthetically pleasing template design that really appeals to your target audience, your template will also be fully functional, integrated, viewable and compatible with all devices, browsers and email clients, including Outlook, Gmail, Windows & Mac. Our bespoke coded templates are also easily edited and integrated with marketing automation platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Email content writing

As saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’, so you’ve enticed them to read your email with a beautiful, functional design, what now? Your email content is an important part of the email marketing formula. Our copywriters have experience crafting the clearest, cleverest, and most creative copy for Cheshire based brands and their email marketing campaigns.

As well as being interesting and persuasive, our copywriters aim to provide value to your audience demonstrating the enviable market position of your trusted brand and inspiring readers to act, whether your objective is to send customers to your website, chat with your team direct, share their stories through social media or simply get to know a bit more about your brand.

Email delivery & management

When sending your emails and managing email marketing campaigns, we use tried and tested methods to achieve the best possible results. From contact list segmentation and subscription preference management to calculating the right time and day for maximum exposure, our team has their finger on the pulse.

Campaign testing & tracking

In addition to undertaking thorough testing across different browsers, email clients and devices during the email template design and development phase, we test, track and test your email marketing campaigns again to ensure your brand makes the most out of email. Our team looks at everything, including subject lines, CTAs, colour schemes, interactive features, design options, and delivery times and preferences to ensure your business marketing campaigns get better and better. Through this we can provide accurate reporting to the very last detail, not just how your emails perform in regards to open and click behaviour.

Why Choose Beartown Media?

Harnessing the results that email marketing promises via the latest statistics isn’t easy. That’s why we develop each campaign to your client’s specific requirements to produce effective results.

We don’t do mass mailings to indiscriminate subscribers, we don’t use persistent methods to grab attention, and we don’t use spammy tactics that only result in mail getting labelled as spam. Instead we generate business marketing messages that really speak to audiences in a beautifully designed and carefully developed package sent out with the right frequency, at the right time, and to the right contacts.

Providing tangible and trackable results for your client’s company is important to us. Our experts work with your agency from the very beginning to not only get to know the brands you represent but be a part of them so we can speak confidently, effectively and engagingly on their behalf. Our emails aim to cut through the clutter to get to the root of what your client’s customers really want. As a result, we engage with audiences through personalised content whilst portraying companies and their products or services with the integrity they deserve.

Let our complete email marketing solution, be yours, and harness an effective business marketing method that attracts, converts and retains, all in one.

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