Content is king we all know that, but there are still so many people out there that don’t give copywriting the respect it deserves – which annoys us just a little. There are so many perks that go hand-in-hand with great copywriting, content marketing and creative communications. With the right Cheshire based wordsmith at your beck and call, you can improve your client’s market position, engage with their target audience and convert visitors to their website into customers.

It’s not just consumers who love great content – many consumers see informative content as a sure fire sign that they’re dealing with an industry leading, trusted company – search engines have a thing for well-written, customer focus content too. Spammy SEO tactics aside, it is content marketing and creative communications that now rule the roost. Along with usability and experience, content has been deemed one of the most important ranking factors according to the latest SEO industry studies, which makes optimising your client’s website and giving their blog roll some tender loving care even more essential. While the industry has taken a much applauded step away from keyword rich content, relevant content that offers value to an audience is the Holy Grail.

Making notes on a copywriting project

Copywriting Services

Our copywriters provide the experience, talent and knowledge your clients need to embrace content in all its glory. As well as being pros on the spelling, grammar and punctuation front, we have the content marketing ideas that make websites the ultimate resource for customers and a favourite with the search engines. Whether you require persuasive copy for email marketing campaigns, naturally optimised web copy, creative communications that will help you gain a few more column inches, or full blog management, our Cheshire based, white label content agency can assist.

Web copywriting

At Beartown Media, we understand that your website is the face of your company. It not only has to look great but read well, and that’s where we come in. Our web copywriters have experience crafting unique content for your website that fully satisfies the requirements of your target audience. In addition to providing valuable information about your products or services, our copywriters aim to tell the story behind your business to increase loyalty, differentiate you from your competitors, and better position your company within its respective market.

We also naturally incorporate the keywords and phrases that your target audience will be searching for to ensure better visibility online and more traffic to your website.

Blog writing & management

The blog roll of the average website is a relatively underused and underappreciated resource. Regular blogging and the addition of topical and evergreen content that is relevant to your audience can provide a bevy of opportunities, particularly when it comes to updating your website with the right keywords and encouraging visitors to return again and again. We not only offer a complete and professional blog writing service, our team can also fully manage your blog roll taking you from editorial planning and blog title creation to research, writing, proofing, publication and promotion.

Press release writing & distribution

Creative communications aren’t just useful on-site, they’re also a great way to spread the word about your Cheshire brand a little further afield. We write bespoke press releases for online and offline distribution, and can even help you source for contacts and placements you need to effectively boost publicity. Our copywriters have the art of press release writing down to a tee, and can help you enhance your company’s image and raise brand awareness amongst other things.

Content strategising

Content marketing is different things to different people, and devising a strategy that works for your company and yours alone is important. Like many aspects of digital, one size certainly doesn’t fit all with content marketing, but with our help you can discover a successful strategy built on market research, audience insights and competitor analysis. Our content strategists are with you for the long haul, and can assist you as your Cheshire business and audience needs shift and evolve.

Email marketing content

Email marketing content is notoriously difficult to get right. With tons of successful campaigns under their belts, our copywriters are well placed to deliver creative communications that really connect with your customers. Whether you want to manage email marketing activities yourself or would like us to take care of the entire process – more information about our complete email marketing service can be found here – we can provide the words you need to tell your story, and get results.

Writer training

Want to harness the power of content in-house? Our copywriters aren’t afraid to share the secrets of their success, and our copywriter training workshops ensure your employees can gain the support and guidance they need to represent your company with all the right words. Our training courses are fun, interesting and tailor-made to the needs of your business, and give employees and teams the skills they need to use the basic principles of writing to their advantage as well as uncover and utilise emerging trends and media.

Proofing copy prior to publication

Why Choose Beartown Media?

Content is an integral part of the bigger picture, and we certainly appreciate great copy when we see it, and so will your clients, their customers and those hard to please search engines. Finding a distinctive tone of voice for your client’s business and its wider market place is just the beginning.

With a passion for creative communications, we have the energy and experience to take your client’s business to new heights all through the power of content. Our Cheshire white label agency takes a holistic approach to all things digital to ensure we can build strong relationships on your agency’s behalf and achieve exactly what your client’s business needs.

As with all of our white label digital services, our team provides full transparency throughout the entire process to find and use the words that persuade, inform, surprise and even inspire. We pride ourselves on turning complete strangers into loyal customers, and use attention grabbing copywriting, content marketing and creative communications to achieve this.

Whilst we hate blowing our own trumpet, we really are the full package. As well as calling upon our expertise in copywriting to deliver great results for businesses, we can provide the web development, hosting, branding and design, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and auditing help your agency needs to ensure you don’t just survive in your respective market, but thrive.

As with all of our services, the process begins with a phone call or an email. Our team take the time to get to know your agency and the brands you represent so we can get to work making every impression you make online and off a lasting one.

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