Having a strong brand is more than just creating a memorable logo. Branding is all about communicating a business’ identity succinctly and successfully promoting the products and services that are at the heart of what your client does. As well as a logo, brand design sums up people’s perception of a company’s customer service and reputation. Factors that differentiate your client from their competitors.

A well designed brand has the power to create trust and subsequently build credibility. So why wouldn’t you want to make your brand design as polished and inspiring as possible? Here at Beartown Media, we understand the importance of great branding. We have worked with countless agencies throughout the UK. Our key services will help hone your client’s brand, better communicate with customers, support advertising opportunities and ultimately build financial value as well as an enviable reputation, all in your agency’s name.

All that’s left to do is let our branding specialists and designers get to work on an even better brand experience for your clients.

Designing a new logo for a full brand redesign

Branding & Design Services

We deliver a selection of white label branding and design services allowing you to make every aspect of a business a meaningful experience for both new and existing customers. A brand’s design should represent the DNA of a company, and whether your client needs a little help with their logo or wants to go the whole hog with a brand strategy and identity overhaul, our talented designers and branding experts can assist.

Whether your client’s business calls a large, congested marketplace its home or it inhabits a more niche sector, standing out can really make a big difference when it comes to just how successful a brand can be. Let us create an attention-grabbing, engaging brand design that not only looks great but stays true to what your client’s company is all about and what it delivers.

Logo design

In many cases you only get one chance to make a first impression so make it a good one with our logo design service. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to hit refresh on your existing logo to create something more in keeping with your business, its market and its customers, our graphic designers can work with you to develop a fresh and innovative concept that really means business.

Brand identity

It’s all about the brand, that much is true, and ensuring your identity is on point and ready to entice, and even excite, your target audience is important. We understand what motivates people to choose one brand over another, and use this insight to fine-tune yours. From brand design audits, perception surveys and consumer research to strategy, planning, brand positioning and identity design, we’ve got you covered, whatever your wants and needs. It’s not just on your website and print materials where branding matters, we’ll look at all channels, including your social media platforms, designing elements that communicate your brand values cohesively.

Brand development

Are you engaging with your customers and creating new opportunities? If the answer to this question is “yes”, then go you! But if it’s “no”, we want to know – why not? Your brand strategy could be to blame. Thanks to our brand design team’s expertise in research and insights, brand development, brand positioning, story and message, brand architecture and naming, we can lay the foundations for success.

Print design

Whilst the net certainly does rule the roost when it comes to advertising and promotion, traditional marketing methods like print still have a part to play in creating a lasting impression that bags you a deserving market share. Connecting with your customers isn’t easy however, which is where our design team come in. We design brochures, posters, business cards, stationery, email signatures, plus much, much more, that really shout about your brand and put it on the map within your target market. Visit our Print page for further information about our print design and production services.

Website design

Your website is the ultimate investment for your business, whether you are a digital innovator or a more traditional company predominantly based offline. Whilst ensuring your website performs, functions and delivers as it should do, it also has to look great to grab the attention of your target audience. Our full service web design and development agency in Cheshire creates web and mobile platforms that represent your company to a tee and deliver an enviable user experience that your competitors could only dream of.

Signage & branded spaces

Want to make a strong statement about what your brand stands for? Then why not put it in huge letters and display it on your business premises or elsewhere! We develop bespoke branding and signage for your business so you can confidently shout about all your company represents as well as brand internal and external spaces.


It’s not just new brands that we work with, we’re pros at helping already established Cheshire based companies improve their brand design for longevity and better relevance within their target market. Defining brands is what we do, whatever your history, and we can craft an identity and strategy that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Developing branding strategy and brand identity

Why Choose Beartown Media?

Our designers and branding specialists deliver completely original creative solutions that are unique to your client’s brand so you can communicate with target audiences and take the wider company to a whole other level.

We understand more than most the importance of creating and cementing a memorable brand identity, and call upon a number of brand design techniques (and a lot of talent) to encapsulate your client’s values and behaviour to bring their story to life, from all angles.

The brands we create are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they’re built to last. With an eye on the future, we aim to provide long term solutions that really work for the businesses you work with and produce brands that have the focus, value and flexibility to stand the test of time. Nothing lasts forever and brands are far from static but with our tried and tested approach we can make the branding and design process as creative, cohesive and targeted as possible.

Our full service branding and design team leave no stone unturned to offer you the ultimate solution for your client’s requirements.

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