It’s been simmering under the surface for the past year or so, but finally (vague) details of Google’s mobile-first index are here. And apparently, it’s imminent. Like most updates however, Google is keeping a firm lid on the finer details. Don’t they just love leaving us guessing about how prepared we all really should be.

Death to the desktop

The death of desktop is no new news; mobile first overtook fixed internet access back in 2014. Fast forward one year later and it was reported that more Google searches are conducted via mobile than on computers in 10 countries. These days 48% of consumers use their smartphones to search for the products or services they want to buy according to Think with Google.

The mobile takeover shows no evidence of slowing either with 8 out of 10 top Alexa websites being mobile adaptive. This however isn’t enough for Google. They want it all (naturally) for browsers, with all websites optimised for mobile use.

Ready for the switch?

Ask yourself, is your website ready for the switch to a mobile-first index? And do this, sooner rather than later. After all, Google’s mobile-first index could go live any day now.  Fully optimising your website isn’t just a matter of keeping potential customers satisfied with their experience. Browsers could go elsewhere if you fail to adapt. Competitors that could be bothered to embrace mobile will no doubt be quick to sweep them up.

Your desktop site, and the experience it delivers, has been used historically by Google to index. A process that meant your separate mobile site, if you have one, would not influence your ranking. The mobile-first index will see your website judged and subsequently ranked on the mobile experience you offer. How the tables will turn.

Responsive design counts

Creating a mobile experience that provides a seamless, succinct and successful customer journey is important. With the mobile-first index, unresponsive websites that fail to show the same content as your desktop version simply won’t cut the mustard.

Whilst admittedly you should have gone responsive yesterday, there’s still time to go for a mobile friendly, preferably responsive design.

Let us help prepare you for Google’s mobile-first index with a responsive website that is built for your business and developed to provide the ultimate mobile experience to your customers. Contact us today to get started on 01260 54 04 54 or drop us an email at


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