I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of how difficult it is to strike a fitting business/life balance! There are plenty of articles littering the web about that very subject and you’re sure to have your own experiences to call on too. What I will talk about is just how inspiring modern day parents are when it comes to paving a way for themselves at work and keeping things ticking over nicely at home.

When I had some time off (by time off I mean 3 weeks – stupidly I thought newborns spent most of their time asleep!) to welcome our daughter into the world, I’d heard all manner of horror stories about the stereotypes of mums that await me. What I found when rocking up at those postnatal classes was that underneath the “I’ve had one hour of sleep in the past 24 hours”, the mums (and dads) there were pretty damn inspiring, not just in their ability to juggle so many aspects of modern day life but in the ambitions they had beyond child rearing.

I was recently forwarded a release about the Mums Enterprise Roadshow, a fantastic child-friendly flexible work and business show that’s coming to Manchester in June before making its way down south for a two-day event at the London Olympia in September. News of the event got me thinking about my own ambitions, how they’ve changed since having a child, and how so many are unfortunately tarred with the brush of mundanity when most of us are in fact, as the roadshow’s tagline details, ‘shooting for the moon’.

A little more about Mums Enterprise…

Set up by Founder Lindsey Fish following her own experiences of starting an event management business after maternity leave, Mums Enterprise Roadshow was born back in 2015. After partnering with Creative Director Lucy Chaplin, the idea of providing a proactive, confidence instilling environment for business minded mums to thrive was brought to life. Their first event took place in Hertfordshire in June 2016 and attracted nearly 200 attendees. The pair then went on to host three further exhibitions in 2017, this time reaching cities Brighton, London and Birmingham, and welcoming over 3,500 mums.

This year the event is expected to attract more than 10,500 attendees across their Manchester and London dates, with plans to take Mums Enterprise Roadshow to Edinburgh in early 2019.

“It’s an event for mums by mums we totally understand the challenges and conundrums faced when it comes to being fulfilled in work and at home. It’s this understanding, which I believe is why the events have grown so rapidly, we are facilitating a movement,” said Founder and CEO Lindsey.

“Our mission is to help change the work and business lives of mums for the better, forever and we can’t wait to welcome everybody to our exciting events in 2018 showcasing amazing initiatives, individuals and organisations, it’s these partners and exhibitors who really change lives and many can’t be found at any other event.”

I’ll be there, will you?

With over 90 exhibitors split into five zones – Boost, Business, Flexible Work, Opportunities and Retraining, and Up Skill – the Mums Enterprise Roadshow is the perfect place to find relevant support, real opportunities or just to simply be inspired. The event features practical workshops, an Open Mic Story Stage, networking and so much more, with facilities on hand for mums with babies and young children, including a crèche.

Mums Enterprise Roadshow Manchester will be a one-day event, taking place on Wednesday 20th June at Event City. Readers based closer to the capital will want to check out Mums Enterprise Roadshow London, the team’s first ever two-day event at the Olympia from Friday 28th to Saturday 29th September 2018.

Attending is free, register for your tickets at www.mumsenterprise.events. You can also find out about the mums and dads at Beartown Media by reading more about us.

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