With the online world sparking success for countless businesses, many tend to forget about the bricks and mortar stores lining the streets of our towns and cities. Britain’s high streets are no doubt under strain with a reported 15 shops closing every day throughout the UK in 2016 and the lowest level of new business openings for five years.

Being a locally based agency, we love our high streets – our home town of Congleton is packed full of the shops (and restaurants, and bars) we adore – just as much as we love the online businesses that we assist day in, day out. Footfall is the lifeblood of the traditional stores we see, and whilst much emphasis is put on how to increase online traffic, the science surrounding the boosting of footfall is not so generously covered. You’re doing great Cheshire business owners, but increasing business and footfall even more is possible. Just check out our top tips on increasing footfall.

Kerb appeal really does matter

We can thank Phil and Kirstie for this one. Kerb appeal is very much the hot topic in property sales, and the same theory applies when it comes to presenting your business to the public and prospective customers. Competition is fiercer than ever on our high streets and for many businesses every customer counts, that’s why making your premises as appealing and as attractive as possible is important. As well as considering a brand refresh or signage update, simple things like keeping your door open can make your business premises more approachable.

Window displays can also have a huge impact on those footfall figures. Ensuring that window displays are engaging is the first must but keeping them fresh with a change every three to four weeks is worthwhile.

Work with your community

Supporting your fellow business scene is another great way to interact with the community and get to know local business owners in the process. Whilst it’s easy to assume that every business in the area is your competition, partnering with local businesses can actually be more beneficial for all parties. Building relationships with consumers and providing a cross-over process that does increase awareness of other businesses in your area can be mutually profitable.

Get out there and meet your customers

Managing your business and increasing footfall doesn’t have to be confined to your store. Getting out there onto the streets of Congleton or another Cheshire town is a great way to show off your business in all its glory. Even the largest coffee chains still send out their people with samples, so why not do something similar to entice customers into your shop and build brand awareness throughout your area. Getting involved in local events and festivals is another worthwhile consideration.

Reward customer loyalty

Increasing footfall isn’t just about grabbing the attention of new customers that may not have encountered your brand before, but holding the gaze of existing ones too. Customer loyalty can be a difficult thing to come by, after all, there’s often another competitor out to offer a better deal at a lower price. Rewarding customer loyalty via a discount or incentive scheme will increase repeat business, the Holy Grail for companies of all sizes and niches. If you have strong competition in your area, a customer loyalty scheme may just tip the balance in your favour.

Refine your marketing approach

Marketing isn’t just a buzzword for larger corporations and online businesses looking to improve their market reach, local businesses looking to target local customers can benefit from great marketing too – take it from us. Boosting awareness goes hand-in-hand with boosting footfall, and even the simplest strategies can bring the best results for your business.

Local business marketing help is just one of the targeted services we offer here at Beartown Media. Take steps to increase footfall for your business by calling on us for assistance today. We’d love to help you reach your business goals and impress the people that matter to you the most – your customers.

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